Homemade  McGriddles

This is the perfect breakfast to make any day of the week. The sweet & savory  sandwich is easy to make.


– Prepared Pancake Batter (for 8 pancakes) – Maple Syrup – Pork Sausage Patties – Large Eggs – Water – Slices American Cheese


Prepare the pancake mix based on the package instructions or prepare a homemade mix.

Prepare the Pancake Mix


Place the pork sausage patties on one side of the grill. Smash the patties down while they are cooking to thin them out.  Cook them for 4-5 mins per side until browned.

Cook Sausage


Place a canning lid or an egg ring onto the grill & spray it with a non-stick cooking spray.

Place Mason Jar Lid on Griddle


Crack an egg into the rings.  Then pour the water onto the grill around the rings & place a dome on top to steam the eggs. Cover & cook for 2-3 mins until the eggs are set.

Crack an Egg


Remove the sausage & eggs to a cool side of the grill while you prepare the pancakes.

Move Sausage and Eggs


Add the pancake batter to the griddle to form 8 small pancakes. Drizzle the syrup into the pancake batter.

Add Pancake Batter


Cook the pancakes for  1-2 mins until bubbles start to appear on the top & the edges are set.

Cook the Pancakes


Use a metal spatula to flip the pancakes & cook the opposite side until it’s golden brown.

Flip the Pancakes


Then assemble the McGriddles. Start with one pancake. Top it with a slice of cheese, topped with an egg, sausage patty & one more pancake

Assemble the McGriddles


Continue this process until all the McGriddles are assembled.

Assemble the rest


Serve immediately while warm and enjoy!