Scrambled Eggs

Blackstone Scrambled Eggs is a simple breakfast idea to feed a crowd. You can enjoy fluffy eggs on the griddle anytime 


– Eggs – Milk – Salt – Pepper – Oil, Butter or Bacon Grease (do not use olive oil)


Whisk together the 12 eggs, milk, salt & pepper in a large mixing bowl.

Mix together Ingredients


Heat the Blackstone griddle over medium high heat. Oil the griddle with oil, butter or bacon grease so that the eggs does not stick.

Prepare Griddle


Pour the egg mixture onto the hot griddle.

Add Eggs To Griddle


As the eggs began to set use a large spatula to push the eggs to the center of the griddle to make the egg curdles.

Begin Pushing Eggs


Continue this process until all the eggs are cooked but still appear slightly wet so that they do not dry out.

Continue Cooking Eggs


Remove the eggs immediately from the heat. They are ready to enjoy!