easy & delicious recipe!

why you'll love  this recipe:

~  Easy weeknight meal ~ Crowd pleasing dish! ~ Needs only simple seasoning

What you'll need:

– Ground Beef – Minced Garlic – Onion Powder – Cumin – Chili Powder – Salt – Black Pepper – Tomato Sauce  – Burrito Size Tortillas  – Colby Monterey Jack Cheese

Step 1

Brown the ground beef on the Blackstone grill over medium high heat. Cook the beef until no longer pink & browned.

Step 2

Stir in the minced garlic & sauté for 1 min until the garlic is aromatic. Add tomato sauce & seasonings. Cook and push to the cooler side of the grill.

Step 3

Place the tortillas on the Blackstone grill.  Add the beef mixture to half the tortilla & top  with shredded cheese.

Step 4

Fold the tortilla in half.  Cook until the bottom of the quesadilla is golden brown.

Step 5

Flip & cook until the opposite side is also golden brown  (2-3 more mins). Heat until the cheese is melted.

Step 6

Remove from the Blackstone Grill.  Slice each cheesy ground beef quesadilla into 4 pieces.  Serve warm & enjoy!

Serve & enjoy!

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