easy & delicious recipe!

why you'll love  this recipe:

~ Flavorful, delicious meal  ~ Quick & easy to make  ~ Buget friendly cooking

What you'll need:

– Ground Beef – Yellow Onion diced –  Vegetable Oil – Frozen Diced Hashbrowns  –  Water –  Garlic Powder –  Salt – Pepper

Step 1

Spread the hashbrown potatoes out onto the preheated grill. Place in an even layer on one side of the grill.

Step 2

Cook them for 10-15 mins turning frequently until the potatoes are tender.

Step 3

Place the ground beef & diced onion on the opposite side of the grill. Break ground beef up with a spatula & brown it.

Step 4

Season as directed, then toss all the ingredients together on the grill.

Step 5

Remove from heat, serve warm & enjoy!

Serve & enjoy!

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