Ribeye Recipe

This is a delicious & juicy steak that grills perfectly on the grill! Perfect for a weeknight meal or to feed a crowd.


– Ribeye Steaks – Salt – Pepper – Garlic Powder – Oil – Butter (softened) – Olive Oil – Minced Garlic – Fresh Parsley (chopped)


Make sure that the steaks are dry & are at room temp. Combine the seasoning in a bowl. Then season the steaks with the seasoning mixture.

Season Steaks


Rub the grill grates with the oil. Place the steaks on the grill. Let them cook for 2-3 mins get a good sear on the steaks.

Sear Steaks


Use tongs to gently lift and flip the steak. Flip the steaks onto a separate section of the grill & cook  for 2-3 more mins to sear the opposite side of the steaks.

Flip Steaks


Place all the garlic butter ingredients in a mixing bowl.  Use a hand held mixer to beat all the ingredients together.

Prepare Garlic Butter


Then top each steak with  the garlic butter & let the butter melt into the steak. Let the steak rest for 10 mins.

Top Steaks With Butter


Serve immediately while warm and enjoy!