easy & delicious recipe!

why you'll love  this recipe:

~  Full of flavor ~ Quick and easy to prepare ~ Needs only simple ingredients!

What you'll need:

– Ground Beef – Hawaiian Rolls – Butter – Pepper – Salt – American Cheese

Step 1

Form the ground beef into a rectangle, roughly the size of the Hawaiian rolls.

Step 2

Place the beef directly on the grill over a buttered area. Place a sheet of parchment paper on top of the beef. Press the beef down with either a burger press or a spatula.

Step 3

Remove the parchment paper and season the beef with salt & pepper.

Step 4

Cook for 2-3 mins per side until browned. You will know that the beef is ready to flip when juices start to pool on top.

Step 5

Place the Hawaiian rolls onto the grill. Place cut side down, for a few mins to toast.  Remove rolls from the grill.

Step 6

Cover the top of the beef with American cheese slices. Once the cheese has melted, place the beef on the Hawaiian rolls.

Step 7

Use a knife to cut apart the sliders. Then they are ready to eat!

Serve & enjoy!

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