blackstone griddle

This tasty burger is cooked with crispy edges and amazing flavor!

Blackstone BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger


– Ground Beef – Oil – Garlic Salt – Pepper – Bacon – Sharp Cheddar Cheese  – Barbecue Sauce – Hamburger Buns

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Place bacon slices on the Blackstone Grill on one side & spread the oil out on the other side of the grill.

step 1

Divide the ground beef that is in a large bowl into 6 balls. Place them on the Blackstone grill next to the bacon on the oil.

step 2

Press firmly on the ground beef balls into the Blackstone Grill. Do not smash it all the way down.

step 3

Season the beef with the garlic salt & pepper. Cook the patties for  3 - 5 mins.

step 4

Flip the burgers & cook until burgers are cooked through. Then remove them & place them on a paper towel.

step 5

Add a slice of the cheese to each burger patty. Add to buns, top with bacon and barbecue sauce.

step 6

Add your favorite onions rings or fries for a complete meal!

serve & enjoy!