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blackstone griddle

Ham and cheese on toasted bun, along with the salty flavors make the best sandwich!

Blackstone Grilled Ham And Cheese


– Artisan Bread – Shaved Black Forest Ham –  Cheddar Cheese – Butter

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 Preheat the Blackstone Grill. Butter one side bread with the butter.

step 1

Place one piece of bread on the grill. Top the bread with a slice of cheese & layer the ham on top.

step 2

Then place the remaining slice of cheese on top of the ham & top with the 2nd piece of bread (butter side out).

step 3

Heat the sandwich for  3-5 mins until the bottom piece of bread is golden brown.

step 4

Let the sandwich rest for for a few mins so that the cheese is not too hot.

step 5

the perfect family favorite lunch recipe

serve & enjoy!