Smash Burger Sliders

These Smash  Burger Sliders are big on flavor but  are quick & easy to make. The perfect size to enjoy anytime of the week!


– Ground Beef  –  Pepper –  Salt –  Salted Butter –  Cheddar Cheese –  Rolls or Hawaiian Rolls


Roll the 2 pounds of ground beef into approximately 1.5 ounce size balls.  Season them with salt & pepper.

Prepare Beef


Place butter on the griddle. Move it around to melt it. Then place the beef balls on the griddle in the melted butter.

Add Beef Balls To Griddle


Then top each one with a piece on parchment paper. Then firmly press down to smash the beef into a thin patty.

Press With Burger Press


Cook the patties for 2 mins. Scrape under the patty & flip the patty.

Cook Patties


Cook for 1 more min & place a piece of cheese on the patties to melt. Once the American cheese is melted, place half of the patties on top of the other patties.

Top With Cheese


Then place the patties on the prepared cut side slider rolls!



Top with your favorite burger toppings & enjoy!