Blackstone CORN ON THE COB

easy & delicious recipe!

why you'll love  this recipe:

~ Prep just takes 10 mins ~ Perfect side dish for BBQ ~ Needs only simple ingredients!

What you'll need:

– Fresh Corn on the Cob shucked & cleaned –  Olive oil – Salt – Pepper

Step 1

Husk & clean the ear of corn on the cobs. Prepare 6 pieces of foil. Lay each cob on the foil.

Step 2

Drizzle with olive oil over each corn on the cob & season with the salt & pepper.

Step 3

Roll up the corn in the foil & make sure that it’s completely covered.

Step 4

Place the corn on the flat top & cook for 10-15 mins to about 20 mins until cooked through. Flip the corn. Cover with a dome.

Step 5

Remove from the grill  & then it’s ready to enjoy. You can serve the corn with a pair of tongs.

Serve & enjoy!

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