Hi! Welcome to Grill on a Dime. I am Carrie Barnard the recipe developer, food stylist and photographer behind this food blog. I personally love grilling!

A Little Background About Me

I grew up with both of my parents running their own restaurants. From as young as I could remember we were always there. From a toddler sleeping in the back all the way to helping manage my mother’s restaurant as a teenager, I began my love of cooking.

I originally started cooking at home in college to save money and hated complicated recipes.  My new hobby became simplifying recipes and experimenting with how to create delicious meals with as few ingredients as possible. This grew and grew as I loved having people over to share my newest creation. Eventually I was called “Betty” in reference to Betty Crocker as being the cook in the family..

Over the past 25 years, I have been cooking at home for my family and friends and have learned how to make amazing dinner without the need for complicated recipes or complicated ingredients.

I am now a mother to 8 amazing children. Yes I said 8! I have some biological children and have adopted through foster care. I am a huge advocate for helping others which is how Eating on a Dime was born.

With several viral recipes, Grill on a Dime has become a trusted source for easy recipes the entire family.

I have been featured on KOCO5 where we shared our money saving tips for cooking at home. We were also featured in an Oklahoman Article as a money saving Experts where we share how to stretch your budget in the kitchen.

My recipes have been shared on BuzzFeed, Huffington PostBusiness Insider and Parade!

Most Popular Grilling Recipes

I love my Blackstone

Since I grew up in restaurants and used a flat top griddle, I immediately fell in love with the Blackstone. I’ve had a blast making Blackstone recipes.

Popular Blackstone Recipes