Have you recently bought a Blackstone Griddle? We have gathered The Best Blackstone Tools to use on your new Blackstone Griddle.

Blackstone spatula and scraper
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Cooking on the Blackstone Griddle is fun and a great way to cook your favorite foods. The Cast-Iron cooking service allows you to fry, sear, and grill. But you need to right tools sets to cook on the new griddle.

Griddle is a great way to feed a crowd. You can go from cooking breakfast to an amazing dinner. Outdoor Cooking on the griddle requires you to have the right tools. The griddle tools need to be heavy duty and specifically for cooking on a griddle.

We have gathered a list of the essential grill accessories for cooking on the griddle and what they are used for. You can also purchase griddle tools from your local store.

Can You Use Cast Iron Skillet on Blackstone Griddle?

Yes, you can use a cast iron skillet on the Blackstone Griddle. Some people like using the Cast Iron Skillet because of an easy griddle cleaning, they are durable, and distributes heat evenly.

If you choose to use a cast iron skillet, make sure it is cast iron. There are other products that might not be safe to place on the griddle. Cast Iron can withstand a lot of heat, so you can safely put your food in the skillet and it won’t melt.

Can You Use a Metal Spatula on a Blackstone Griddle?

Using a Metal Spatula on a Blackstone Griddle is safe. The griddle is made from cold-rolled steal, which means using a metal spatula will not harm your griddle.

Blackstone Griddle Tools you Need

Listed below are the essential and Best Blackstone Griddle Accessories that we recommend. Keeping your griddle from harsh or stormy weather is why we recommend have a good Blackstone Griddle cover as well.

The Griddle cover protects it from moisture, impacts, and debris.

Other Blackstone Griddle Tools needed are:

  • Egg Rings
  • Blackstone Basting Cover

Blackstone Griddle Kit

When cooking on your griddle, you want to start good, quality griddle accessory tool kit. If you want to start with a good cooking set, I would purchase this Blackstone Griddle Kit. We use the griddle spatulas for flipping burgers to sauteing rice and shrimp.

This Blackstone stainless steel kit also includes tongs, a stainless steel griddle scraper and two squeeze bottles. These stainless steel tools are durable and will last you for a long time.

A Blackstone tool kit including, spatula, scraper, batter bottles and tongs.

Other Options for the Griddle Kit

You can also find Griddle Kit options. Many options to choose from which includes different tools to use on your griddle.

We like having a a variety to choose from. These kits also make great gift giving.

Blackstone XL Griddle Press

We think this Griddle Press is a must. It is XL to be able to use for smash burgers and to evenly cook steak. It also is a great tool to use if you want to grill a sandwich.

This Griddle Press is made of cast iron and the heat resistance spiral handle keep your hands cool from the heat. It is easy to clean and we use it a lot.

Bacon Press

If you are looking for the secret to amazing, crispy bacon then you need this Bacon Press. This heavy duty bacon press keeps the bacon from wrinkling and nice and crispy.

We have even used this press to make grilled onions to top our burgers.

Extra large Griddle Press.

Other Options for Griddle Presses

There are other options to choose from if you are looking for a griddle press. They have square ones, ones with different handles, and different price points. I think have at least two allows you to cook multiple things at once.

A Close up image of a griddle press.

Rear Grease Cup Liners

Rear Grease Cup Liners are essential to using your Blackstone Griddle. These grease cup liners and are disposable for easy clean up. Make sure you check the sizing to purchase the right ones for your griddle.

We also use them for food storage and to send leftovers home.

close up image of grease cup liners.

Adjustable Griddle Warming Rack

Having a Griddle Warming Rack is key when you are cooking for a crowd. There are different options to choose from but we like that these warming racks are adjustable.

We use this warming rack to make room for additional food that needs to be cook. It is also great to slow roast buns or vegetables. We also place our burgers on there and slowly melt the cheese to make tasty cheeseburgers.

It is stainless steel, durable and long lasting. They are easy to clean and can be easily removed.

Blackstone griddle warming rack.

Infrared Thermometer

If you are wanting to make sure that your griddle is hot enough to cook, then you need an Infrared Thermometer. Anytime we cook on our griddle, we use it.

The thermometer is very easy to use. You scan the surface of the griddle to check the temperature, release the trigger and instantly getting a reading.

This thermometer is versatile for other uses in your home. You can use it to check the heat of your oven, HVAC projects, or measure the temperature of your vehicle engine.

Close up image of an infrared thermometer.

Blackstone Burger Kit

This Blackstone Burger Kit is a must if you love grilling burgers on your Blackstone. It comes with a burger presser, a spatula and a season shaker. These stainless steel tools are helpful to make the best burger.

We really love the burger press to get the perfect sear on our burgers.

Blackstone Rectangle Dome

This Blackstone Rectangle Dome is used to lock in flavor of your favorite foods. We have used to steam vegetables, melt cheese on our burgers and to keep the bacon grease from splattering everywhere.

The Rectangle Dome fits perfect on your griddle and still gives you room to cook with food.

Other Options for the Infrared Thermometers

We love that these thermometers are versatile. It is a must when cooking on the griddle. If you are looking for some additional options, here are few that we recommend.

We love that the readings are digital so there is no guessing if your griddle is ready to cook.

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