The cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich is often the star of this classic comfort dish. The bread, however, is an essential part of grilled cheese that must never be neglected. 

The quality of the bread is crucial to the success of this classic grilled cheese sandwich. Here, we’ll delve into the realm of grilled cheese. Then explain why the bread matters by discussing the best bread for grilled cheese.

The cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich is often the star of this classic comfort dish. The bread, is the best part of the classic sandwich. As such, making a grilled cheese sandwich using the correct bread helps the cheese and bread. #grillonadime #bestbreadforgrilledcheese #grilledcheese
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Best Bread for Grilled Cheese

It’s important to use the best bread for grilled cheese as it can affect the flavor and texture immensely. Hence, when it comes to grilled cheese sandwiches, there are certain breads that are better than others.

Below are a few of the most well-liked choices for making mouthwatering grilled cheese sandwiches:

The cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich is often the star of this classic comfort dish. The bread, is the best part of the classic sandwich. As such, making a grilled cheese sandwich using the correct bread helps the cheese and bread. #grillonadime #bestbreadforgrilledcheese #grilledcheese

1. Sourdough

Sourdough may be used in many different ways. But the ultimate favorite is in a grilled cheese sandwich that combines light and extra strong cheddar for a kick. Its solid texture works nicely on the grill, stays together when flipped, and keeps the cheese where it sits.

Plus, in comparison to other types of bread, Sourdough is more nutritious due to its gradual fermentation process using a starter.

Add caramelized onions and top it with gruyere, havarti and gouda for the best grilled cheese.

An easy Sourdough Bread recipe that rises overnight and bakes in the morning. A simple flexible recipe, made with sourdough starter, that can be adapted to your needs.

2. Brioche Bread

Grilling a cheese sandwich on light, buttery Brioche elevates the dish to the level of decadence. Because it’s baked with enriched dough, it has a somewhat sweeter taste.

Moreover, Brioche‘s firm texture makes it indeed ideal for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Made with pantry staples, this sweet bread is so airy and will melt in your mouth. This fluffy bread is so easy to make and is perfect on its own or with some butter or jam.

3. English Muffins

You can also create a fantastic grilled cheese meal with these soft, craggy English Muffins. They are the perfect portable breakfast given their small size. 

Save both time and money by whipping up a batch of these simple English Muffin recipes. Which will transform your grilled cheese to a whole new level.

English Muffins
If you can’t get them on sale, English muffins are expensive. However, they are delicious. Try this easy English Muffin recipe and make them at home!
English Muffins

4. Pullman Loaf

To make sandwiches, many people opt for Pullman loaf. Unlike most other types of bread, which often have a rounded top, this one has square sides all the way around.

Because of its satisfactory, dense crumb and delicious flavor, Pullman Loaf ranks among the top choices for grilled cheese sandwiches.

Pullman Loaf
This Pullman loaf bread recipe is so simple and easy that we can make a soft, fluffy, light sandwich loaf using only SIX BASIC INGREDIENTS.
Pullman Loaf

5. Deli Rye Bread

Deli Rye is an appealing option for many traditional sandwiches due to its crispy exterior and chewy interior. When paired with grilled cheese, it creates a magical flavor explosion.

Moreover, Deli Rye is a classic sliced bread, flavored with aromatic caraway seeds to complement any savory filling.

Deli Rye
I used commercial yeast and it was soft and fluffy inside, thin crust, and still had great flavor because of the wholemeal rye preferment.
Deli Rye

6. Pumpernickel

Molasses and brown sugar give pumpernickel bread its signature dark brown hue, rich flavor, and tender crumb. Compared to plain bread, the taste of pumpernickel bread is more complex. With notes of nuttiness or spice, sweetness, and a little sourness.

Pumpernickel is a sturdy choice for grilled cheese since bread keeps its shape well and complements gooey cheeses perfectly.

With three types of flour and brown sugar and molasses, you won’t believe how much you can enjoy this nutrient-rich bread! To top it all off, it has cocoa powder to take things to a whole other level.

7. Multigrain Bread

You may make a grilled cheese sandwich with an extra “nutritious” vibe by using multigrain bread. As such, all kinds of cheeses can be enjoyed on a bed of hearty multigrain.

That being said, Grilled cheese sandwiches made with Multigrain Bread have a heartier, nuttier flavor and a more positive nutritional profile.

Multigrain Bread
This homemade soft multigrain bread is prepared with multigrain hot cereal mix, such as 5 grain, 7 grain or 10 grain cereal. Whole or quick oats are an excellent option, too.
Multigrain Bread

8. Baguette

French, seeded, or sourdough baguettes all have an excellent texture and can be used to make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich. Thus, they can withstand a mountain of molten cheese without collapsing.

Preparing grilled cheese with Baguette bread is a must-try, and you definitely won’t regret it. Top with monterey jack cheese for amazing flavor.

A traditional French baguette is made of flour, water, yeast and salt. It's fascinating how these four simple ingredients produce a beautiful, flavorful, crusty baguette.

9. Ciabatta

When making grilled cheese, Ciabatta is another wonderful option because of its crusty surface and bubbling inside.

Ciabatta can be toasted beautifully without falling apart and it holds up well to a number of spreads and toppings. Our favorite cheese is mozzarella.

This easy Ciabatta Bread recipe will give you perfect crusty homemade bread with only five ingredients.

10. Focaccia

Focaccia bread is rich and tasty enough to fulfill the standards for the best bread for grilled cheese sandwiches. Prior to baking, it is often punctured to keep moisture and to prevent drying out.

Furthermore, Foccacia has a substantial volume, light airiness, and substantial moisture.

For a good grilled grilled cheese sandwich, cook on medium heat in a cast iron skillet. Add mayo, fig jam, and spinach on each slices of bread.

It’s baked with a generous amount of olive oil in the pan which creates a crisp edge.

11. Sliced White Bread

One of the most common types of bread used for grilled cheese sandwiches is sliced White Bread. White bread is favored for grilled cheese sandwiches since it is the ideal texture and durability for this dish.

When White Bread and cheese are grilled flawlessly to golden brown. They become almost too good to eat thanks to the contrast between the crisp exterior and the soft interior.

Thick slices makes this the best bread. Add thin sliced American Cheese for delicious sandwich. The best cheese is cheddar cheese, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese and pepper jack cheese.

Sliced White Bread
This EASY Homemade White Bread is made from scratch. It makes two loaves and is the perfect sandwich bread! Making homemade bread is easier than you think.
Sliced White Bread

12. Pretzel Bun

Yummy grilled cheese sandwiches can be made with Pretzel Buns that have been sliced thinly. This bread is the epitome of scrumptious and hearty perfection.

Grilled cheese sandwiches on Pretzel Buns feature a delectable taste and are well worth the effort to try and make. This makes the perfect grilled cheese sandwich.

We love to serve grilled cheese with soups including tomato soup and chicken noodle soup. Top the grilled cheese with avocado, peppers, fresh herbs and mayonnaise.

Pretzel Bun
So delicious, chewy, and soft…these pretzel bun recipe makes the perfect burger bun or fantastic soft pretzels (like the mall ones)!
Pretzel Bun

13. Potato Bread

Although, it’s less common and some wouldn’t normally use it. Sliced potato bread may give your grilled cheese a deliciously buttery and cheesy flavor. 

For a grilled cheese sandwich that won’t fall apart, try some Potato Bread. It’s surprisingly tasty and soft but still durable.

Potato Bread
Russets are the best potatoes to use since they have a high starch content. Homemade Potato Bread bakes up light and fluffy, with a tender golden crust and a mild buttery flavor!
Potato Bread

Why the Bread Matters

There are various reasons why the type of bread used in a grilled cheese sandwich is significant. The bread, first and foremost, is essential to the sandwich’s structure and mouthfeel.

It needs to be hearty enough to support the cheese. Plus additional toppings while also getting a nice, toasted crust and a nice, tender interior. 

The perfect bread makes for a grilled cheese sandwich that stays together and provides a delightful crunch with every bite. Second, the bread elevates the grilled cheese’s overall taste. There are several varieties of bread, each with its own unique flavor that can enhance the cheese’s profile. 

That said, the bread plays a significant role in enriching the whole flavor experience. Whether it’s a tangy sourdough bread offering a pleasant contrast to a sharp cheddar. Or a nutty whole wheat bread lending depth to a creamy cheese. 

As such, making a grilled cheese sandwich using the correct bread helps the cheese and bread. To merge flavors in a way that makes for a more enjoyable and memorable meal.

Best Grilled Cheese recipes

The cheese in a grilled cheese sandwich is often the star of this classic comfort dish. The bread, is the best part of the classic sandwich. As such, making a grilled cheese sandwich using the correct bread helps the cheese and bread. #grillonadime #bestbreadforgrilledcheese #grilledcheese

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