If you are looking for the Best Oil to Season Blackstone Griddle these tips will help. Take care of your griddle by using the correct oil.

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We love using out Blackstone Griddle for all the delicious and the Best Blackstone Recipes. Before cooking on the flat top griddle, it is important that it is seasoned correctly so you do not ruin the griddle’s surface.

Layering the top with a thin layer of oil prevents rust and creates a non-stick surface for the best recipes. These tips will create the Best Blackstone Fried Rice or our favorite Blackstone Teriyaki Chicken Stir Fry Recipe.

Best Oil for Your Blackstone Griddle

Choosing the right oil to properly season your new griddle cooking surface is very important to withstand the high temperature that you cook on.

These are our favorite Oils to Season the Blackstone with to create the best flavor for all your Blackstone Recipes. Check out Best Oils for a Blackstone Grill for when you start to cook on your griddle.

Vegetable Oil

We love using vegetable oil because it is budget friendly and is our go-to because of the high smoke point. It has a natural flavor that taste great with any recipe.

Canola Oil

Canola Oil is another great option for the seasoning layer on the griddle. It is also a high smoke point option with a neutral flavor. It is easy to apply a thin coating to begin your seasoning process. It is easy to find out that the grocery store. This is one of my favorite types of oil to use to season my griddle.

Grapeseed Oil

Using grapeseed oil as a Blackstone Griddle Seasoning is a great option because of many healthy benefits and it is rich in antioxidants. It is also a high smoke point and still has a natural flavor that can be used with many different recipes.

Peanut Oil

This is a great cooking oil option if you do not mind a nutty flavor to your recipes. It still has a high smoke point making great when cooking on high heat.

Avocado Oil

This is another great healthy oil option to place a coating of oil on your griddle. It has a mild flavor and one of my favorite options to use to season my griddle.

More Blackstone Griddle Tips

The Blackstone Griddle is great for cooking for my large family and when we are feeding a crowd. Check out the Blackstone Tools that we use all the time.

It is important to start with a clean griddle, we have the tips and trick to create a Clean Blackstone Griddle so it ready to cook on the next time.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you season the griddle?

We recommend the initial seasoning before using the new Blackstone griddle for the first time. The helps to create the best flat top grill when you use it for a dark, shiny surface. It is also recommended to season after each use. Make sure that you have a scraper to easily remove the food debris from the non-stick coating griddle.

Is Extra Virgin Olive Oil safe to use on the Blackstone?

Yes, olive oil is safe to use. But we recommend using one of the high-heat oils for better results.

What tools are needed to Season the Griddle?

To begin the polymerization process on your griddle you will need paper towels, dish soap, cast iron conditioner, and heat-resistant gloves. It also recommend to have a bucket of hot water to easily wipe down the entire griddle.

Can I Season with Butter?

We love cooking with butter but not to spread a thin coat of oil on the griddle to season. We recommend sticking with canola oil or vegetable oil to season the Blackstone Griddle.

Can I Use Bacon Grease?

Bacon grease is another great option to season the Blackstone Griddle. It adds flavor but we do recommend make sure it is free pieces of bacon.

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